studio shoot

background // I have mostly shot in my house, family portraiture, or nature.  To try something knew I found a studio offering a lighting class with a professional model to help demonstrate.

quick take // The class was a good overview of the fundamentals on how studio lighting works.  We went of over the types, uses, fall-off, f-stops, etc.  Since there are so many options for configuring the studio lights, the instructor linked to HENSEL, which has PDFs showing dozens of examples.

The second part of the instruction focused on how best to interact with a model to have a successful shoot.  My biggest takeaway here was to not get trapped in your camera and lights, instead just focus on talking to the model as a person and having fun.  To give an idea of common poses, the instructor linked to an article from FStoppers.

The shots I took were entirely due to the instructor's great placement of light an the model's professionalism, I just had to point the camera and click.  However, the class was a great introduction to how a studio works and has put me on the right track to be able to accomplish similar results.

samples //

a6000 - Sony 50mm f1.8 >> 1/200 - f/5.6 - ISO 100

a6000 - Sony 50mm f1.8 >> 1/200 - f/5.6 - ISO 100

a6000 - Sony 50mm f1.8 >> 1/200 - f/4 - ISO 100

a6000 - Sony 50mm f1.8 >> 1/200 - f/5.6 - ISO 100